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    AAA-Enhancer Bomb 4.8

    AAA-Enhancer Bomb 4.8:
    Filelength: 3984 (not crunched)

    Patches the DosWrite() vector.

    Works with Kickstart 3.x.

    This programm claims to be a programm that activates the new
    AAA modes in the latest update of the AA chips. Pure bullshit.
    If you start it, the DosWrite Vector will be changed and strings
    will be exchanged. As a result many programms do not work, because
    strings (or commands) are not valid etc.

    The writeaccess will be very strong slowed down and so you can
    recognize this virus.

    The programm tries to damage the reputation of SHI.

    VirusWorkshop is not abel to find the damaged files, because I
    know no way to distinguish between a normal and a damaged file in
    this special case because of no recognition code string !

    Exchange Tables for the patched DosWrite routine:

        'perverse'                'reliable'
        'Computer'                'vibrator'
        'sexual'                  'actual'
        'friend'                  'bugger'
        'pocket'                  'vagina'
        'follow'                  'Computer'
        'stroke'                  'randy'
        'ready'                   'blood'
        'sperm'                   'bitch'
        'woman'                   'head'
        'hole'                    'rich'
        'poor'                    'warm'
        'cold'                    'open'
        'lock'                    'love'
        'hate'                    'meet'
        'fuck'                    'lift'
        'drop'                    'girl'
        'wife'                    'kill'
        'kiss'                    'look'
        'piss'                    'nice'
        'shit'                    'soft'
        'hard'                    'ball'
        'hand'                    'cock'
        'nose'                    'dear'
        'dead'                    'skin'
        'cunt'                    'egg'
        'lip'                     'car'
        'ass'                     '0'
        '9'                       '1'
        '8'                       '2'
        '7'                       '3'
        '6'                       '4'
        'vibrator'                'actual'
        'sexual'                  'bugger'
        'friend'                  'vagina'
        'pocket'                  'stroke'
        'follow'                  'ready'
        'randy'                   'sperm'
        'blood'                   'woman'
        'bitch'                   'hole'
        'head'                    'poor'
        'rich'                    'cold'
        'warm'                    'lock'
        'open'                    'hate'
        'love'                    'fuck'
        'meet'                    'drop'
        'lift'                    'wife'
        'girl'                    'kiss'
        'kill'                    'piss'
        'look'                    'shit'
        'nice'                    'hard'
        'soft'                    'hand'
        'ball'                    'nose'
        'cock'                    'dead'
        'dear'                    'cunt'
        'skin'                    'lip'
        'egg'                     'ass'
        'car'                     '9'
        '0'                       '8'
        '1'                       '7'
        '2'                       '6'
        '3'                       '5'

    Text in the virus, which will be never printed out to the
    window(names have been erased  to protect the innocence):

          'xxxxxxx, I thought of him as my friend, '
          'offered me (xxxxxxxxxxxxxx) 100$ Dollar '
          'for writing a new kind of virus, he said'
          ', this would be necassary to control the'
          ' development of future viruses. After fi'
          'nishing the virus and sending to xxxx, I'
          ' had to promise to destroy all my data a'
          'bout this virus, so that xxxx is the onl'
          'y person owning this virus. Now I found '
          'out, that xxxx is contacting all Amiga-M'
          'agazines and offers a hot story about a '
          'brand new and very dangerous virus, xxxx'
          ' demands 100$ for this information, by t'
          'his way xxxx gets rich and famous and is'
          ' respected as a great fighter against vi'
          'ruses. But as you see there is some huge'
          ' perversity inside, because not able to '
          'program his own viruses, xxxx hires viru'
          'sprogramers and tries to make profit of '
          'the resulting viruses. Really pervers!! '
          'I (xxxxxxxxxxxxxx) did this virus only f'
          'or testing-purposes, and nobody except x'
          'xxx got this virus from me. So if this v'
          'irus should become public, then xxxx is '
          'to be held responsible for it. Blame him'
          ', not me, Yes Blame him, because xxxx is'
          ' a shameful and deceitful person! '

        Name of the window:
              'RAW:0/0/640/200/AAA-Enhancer 4.8 by xxx'
              ' xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'

        Text printed on the window:

          'Activates the hidden AAA-features in A120'
          '0 and A4000, because Beta-AAA-Chips'
          'are used instead of AA-Chips since June '
          '93 !!!'
          'The  new  revolutionary  AAA-graphics-chi'
          'ps  with  a  maximum of 3072 * 1536'
          'Pixels    are    nearly    finished.    '
          'They   come   with   a   so   called'
          'AA-compatibility-mode,   in   which   they'
          '   behave   100%   like   the  old'
          'AA-graphics-chips.   The  AA-compatibili'
          'ty-mode  works  fine,  and therefore'
          'Commodore  can  use  the actual Beta-AAA-'
          'Chips for AA-Chips, because this is'
          'cheaper   than   producing   two   diffe'
          'rent  graphics-chip-sets.   The  new'
          'AAA-graphics-modes   are   not   yet  100'
          '%  implemented,  but  the  greatest'
          'AAA-feature  is already working.  It is '
          'called MaxMode and offers you 3072 *'
          '536   Pixels.   AAA-MaxMode  is  not  ye'
          't  supported  by  Kickstart3.0,  so'
          'AAA-Enhancer  patches  the Write()-vector'
          ' to set MaxMode-Bit.  Now MaxMode is'
          'activated and can be selected in ScreenMode-Prefs.'
          'If  you have an older A1200,A4000 with the'
          'Original-AA-Chips, than of course'
          'ScreenMode-prefs cannot offer you MaxMode,'
          ' because setting MaxMode-Bit has'
          'no effect with AA-Chips.'
          'but  AA-Enhancer is useful for AA-Amigas '
          'too, because it cures the following'
          'bug.   AA-Chips  access  memeory  four  '
          'times  faster  than  ECS-Chips, some'
          'AM-chips  are  driven to their limits to'
          ' follow this speed and have no more'
          'time  to  refresh  their banks.  So, esp'
          'ecially in a heay multitasking load,'
          'its can change, a very hard to reproduce'
          ' bug, so if your Amiga often gurus,'
          'than always run AA-Enhancer (startup-ser'
          'quence or WBstartup), it will help !'

    (This text is pure bullshit, so don`t care about it !!!)

    Test by Markus Schmall.    Detection tested on 23.02.1994.


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