AmosAGA Trojan:

 Filelength 74492 Bytes (AGA-Install.exe unpacked)
 Found in/archiv/when: Denmark/amosaga.lha/30.7.1995
 other possible names: NONE

 This is just a little nasty trojan with the following

 "Beta Version a Ny aga ext... til AMOS"

 It is just a little deleter for all files on the sys device.
 Nothing tricky at all. Probably this virus was coded in
 AMOS, since it contains code to load the AMOS.Library .

 It was uploaded to the dansk AMOS user group as beta version
 of a new tool by a guy called John O. Jörgensen. This is the
 name, which appears in the virus, too.

 There are two other files supplied in the package:

 1. a readme.txt file:

**************** Welcome to the Beta Release of the Amos_Pro AGA extension
v1.0b **************** ******************************** By John O. Jørgensen.

Just execute the installer program and press install.... The installer program
is completely automatic...

Please do not spread this to anybody... This is a Beta version... 

Sign. John O. Jørgensen.

 2. A file called AGA-DATA.DATA. This is a pure LHA file and nothing special
 at all.

 Test by Markus Schmall                       Detection tested 01.08.1995.

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