The SHI bootblockvirus:

        This virus uses memory at $7ec00 and patches the DOIO and the
        Coolcapture vector from EXEC.

        The memory will be not allocated !!! This virus should work
        with all kind of Kickstarts and prozessors....

        At the bottom of the bootblock, you can read the following text:

        'Call Canada great BBS! Is the best for v'
        'irusprogrammers. We like Viri. Call VXQ-'
        'BBS (416) 324 9439 .Send new viri , welc'
        'ome to BBS  :'
        ' SHI!SHI!SHI!S'

                                        Detection tested on 04.11.1993.

        Comment 05.11.1993.:

        This is an Australien Parasite Clone ....


        Test by Markus Schmall

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