Name         : No Head

     Aliases      : Byte Bandit 3, Bytebandit Plus

     Type/Size    : BB/1024

     Discovered   : 23-07-90, Germany

     Way to infect: Bootblock

     Rating       : Less Dangerous

     Kickstarts   : 1.2 / 1.3 

     Damage       : Destroy Bootblock

     Remowal      : Install the disk

  General comments: This virus is in fact the Byte Bandit Clone. The
                    typical ByteBandit-Message in the top of the BB
                    was removed. Very likely a done by a man who had
                    the complete Byte Bandit-SourceCode.

    NOTE FROM ALEX: Not long ago I went to the library in my hometown
                    to borrow some books for the school. In the EDV-Area
                    I saw a book (AMIGA-VIREN) which contained some
                    virus-descriptions AND the whole SourceCode from the
                    SCA, ByteBandit AND ByteWarrior virus. This sources
                    were even commented by the authors. (20.09.1994)

    SHI - JN 08.9

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