Ulog/Dlog V1.8/MsgTOP BBS Viruses:

        PLEASE NOTICE THAT THE ULOG/DLOG  Viruses have the same  filelength
        are many parts of the routines are equal. I am calling this viruses
        "Devil" viruses because I have heard that this viruses were created
        by/for a sysop in the south of Germany with this name.

        Comment 08.04.1993.: I met a friend of him and he told me that more
        than 60 files are infected with the BBS virus from the same author. 
        The last version,which I got, was release V11. Most files  will  be
        recognized by VW as @{"$4eb9 files" link "4eb9" 0}.  

        Due to the fact that I met this person only one time, I  could  not
        get any further information.

        This viruses change the "user.data" File from the /X mailbox system
        in the following way:  The counter(value) for the  account  editing 
        and the SYSOP downloads will be reduced so that most users can play
        with the system.
        This viruses are only dangerous for sysops. They cannot destroy the
        information on the disk.

        The MsgTOP virus will be only recognized, if it is packed with  the

                             Detection and Termination tested on 02.02.1993.

        Test by Markus Schmall

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