Diropus BBS Virus:

        This virus  becomes only dangerous,  if you have a mailbox  running
        with the  AmiExpress mailbox  programm.  The viruses tries to  work 
        with the "bbs:user.data" and the "bbs:user.keys". It does not clear
        any data. Simply clear this file on your disc.

        Detection and Repairroutine tested on 14.01.1993.

        A little part of the virus:

                MOVEA.L    #newuser,A0           ; new BBS user info
                MOVE.L     #MODE_OLDFILE,D2
                JSR        _LVOOpen(A6)          ; User.Data will be
                                                 ; opened
                MOVE.L     D0,handle0
                MOVE.L     handle0,D1
                MOVE.L     memblock,D2
                JSR        _LVOClose(A6)
        newuser DC.B        'ANDY/DECADE',0
                DC.B        '----------------30',0
                DC.B        0
                DC.W        0
        L_75E   DC.W        1
                DC.W        $61
                DC.B        'dding----------19',0

        Test by Markus Schmall

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