- DSC101-Virus Destuctionfile agains BBS:

   Unpacked size: 33152 bytes

   VT only recognizes the unpacked version,
   this is because I received the programm unpacked.
   This is NOT a virus by definition, since it has no replicationroutine.
   Big parts of the programm consist only of zero-bytes.
   A part of the programm is coded as: not.b (a0)+
   The programm is NOT memmoryresident.
   The programm tries to fool by the CLI-output:

          Disk Speed Check V1.01ß - © Micro-Tech Softwares® 1992
          Programming by Alan Forslake. (1.10.1992)
          Usage : DSC -mode , Where mode is :
          1=disk speed check 2=scsi speed test

          Didnt` found a supported SCSI drive, sorry!
          Try to contact Alan Forslake on :223/22/32 in@sf@com

   In fact it tries (but only tries) to delete the following:


   Advice: just delete it
   VT Filerecognition tested: 19.10.92

Translated to English by Frank Cieslevwicz © 2001 VHT-DK.
Org. text by Heiner Schneegold (VT-Kennt)

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