Look! BBS (AmiExpress) Virus:

        Filelength: 1392 (packed with Turbosqueezer 6.1 spreaded)
                    1456 unpacked

        This is an ordinary AmiExpress mailbox virus, which tries to
        manipulate the user.data from the system.
        It will be tried to open NIL: and AUX: and a little window.
        If all this was ok, a short text will be shown on the window:

                "Please wait ! Loading Data "

        After this it will be tried to open/load the user.data. If it
        was ok, the following text will be shown:


        After this a simulated GURU will be shown and a new resetroutine,
        which is not exitable, will be installed in the coolcapture.

        Text from the simulated GURU:

                '        FATAL HARDWARE ERROR'
                ' Error Nr. 81000 0000A   Task Nr. 00000740'

        The resetroutine is an endless loop, which changes , if you
        press the left mousebutton, the background color via direct
        hardware access.

        This virus appeared first in Berlin/West Germany and some
        say that it`s made by the hacker Conman...The packer used
        for this trojan was used several time by this hacker and
        some parts of the code look like its handwriting...

        Test by Markus Schmall         Detection tested 14.08.1994.

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