Master-WHO /X Backdoor:

        Filelength: 4844 bytes

        This is (again,,bah) a lame /X backdoor, who writes a new
        user to the system. Great work. Not to mention that this
        virus was again made with the help of the @{"4eb9 linker" link "4eb9" 0}. I
        am searching for this linker since the last 4 months !!!!

        VT and VirusWorkshop recognizes this file as 4eb9 file. I
        have included a special recognition routine for this virus.

        Comment 11.07.1994: Finally recieved the 4eb9 linker and
        analyzed it. Thanks Krzystof !

        Shortcut from the Master-Who.doc file:

                        *                           *
                        *      MASTER-WHO V1.1      *
                        *                           *

        -Automatically determines how many nodes are running (<= 9 nodes).
        -Shows Node number , Name , Location and Action.
        -The fastest who door available (100% 68000 Assembler).
        -The shortest who door available.
        -Tracks even loss of carriers.
        -Show full action in your Kickstart workbench 1.3 2.0
        -Show download files

        I don`t know, if this utiltie is existing in real, too...

                                            Detection tested 28.12.1993.
        Test by Markus Schmall....

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