Hi All....

 A new trojan has been found. Again it is aimed for 'Max BBS' systems. The
 trojan will (if you run it), make 4 files in RAM: runit, runit.info, yes,
 yes.info., and within the next seconds the system will reboot and execute
 "RAM:runit < ram.yes d scsi.device", and will write 0 RIGID. It is 'only'
 SCSI device and 'only' unit '0' that is going to be damaged.

 The archive has been send to all the major antivirus programmers....

 Here is some info trojan archive:

> ------------------------------- INFO START -----------------------------

 Archive name.....: maxsafe.lha
 Archive size.....: 12136 bytes (Ripped for BBS adds).
 Infected File....: maxsafe
 Infected Size....: 5008 bytes
 File_id.diz......: Help stop your BBS from crashing
                    by finding those faulty doors

> ------------------------------- INFO END --------------------------------

 Thanx to Dave Buckley and Colin Wilson, for sending this archive to us.

 Thanx to Mr.Heiner Schneegold for the test of this archive

      __           Jan Andersen
 __  ///          --------------
 \\\///       Virus Help Team Denmark
  \XX/   http://home4.inet.tele.dk/vht-dk   

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