- DOOR_BELLS-Trojan, File length unpacked : 15308 Bytes

        Filename: e.g. EXE_THIS_FIRST!.EXE
        other Name: MST-VEC Virus, Rel 01.28 Virus
        No bent Vectors.
        Not executable on my system, cause it needs rexxplslib.library
        which I donŽt have.
        It seems to be, that various drives will be fast formatted.
        YouŽll find a similar behaviour in the MultiChat-Trojan.

           636f7079 203e4e49 4c3a2073 79733a73 copy >NIL: sys:s
           79737465 6d2f666f 726d6174 2072616d ystem/format ram
           3a646400 00060542 72616d3a 64640045 :dd....Bram:dd.E
           05387261 6d3a6464 203e4e49 4c3a2044 .8ram:dd >NIL: D
           52495645 20737973 3a204e41 4d45203d RIVE sys: NAME =
           444f4f52 5f42454c 4c533d20 4e4f4943 DOOR_BELLS= NOIC
           4f4e5320 44495243 41434845 20515549 ONS DIRCACHE QUI
           434b2046 46532000 004405b5 72616d3a CK FFS ..D..ram:
           6464203e 4e494c3a 20445249 56452064 dd >NIL: DRIVE d
           68303a20 4e414d45 203d444f 4f525f42 h0: NAME =DOOR_B
           454c4c53 3d204e4f 49434f4e 53204449 ELLS= NOICONS DI
           52434143 48452051 5549434b 20464653 RCACHE QUICK FFS
           .etc......                          55

 Translated to English by M0rpheus © 2001 VHT-Denmark
 Org. Test by Heiner Schneegold.

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