PP Bomb Clone (Died&Megamon):

        You remember the old Powerpacker bomb build in the release  version
        3.2 from the original PP ? This virus part was taken and put in the
        DIED and MEGAMON utilitie programms. VW offers you only the 
        possibility to clear the file because a repairroutine is much 
        stronger to code than to get a new version of DIED or from MEGAMON.

        Comment 23.05.1994: At the end of 1993 appeared a new clone of the
        PowerPacker bomb. The infected file was the ModuleMaster 1.7. The
        infected file is 20364 bytes long.

        Attention: The first 4eb9 linker file was the PP bomb at the
        PowerPacker 3.2 infected fake. This linker is now known since more
        than 3 years !

        Test by Markus Schmall

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