SnoopDos Version 1.6 Virus:
        It is the normal Snoopdos1.5 version which contains some additional
        bytes  (the  virus).  This little bastard is a trojan horse against
        the AmiExpress directories.  Such tools seem to become popular.

        Works with Kickstart 3.0 and MC68040.
        In  the  last  days  (at  the  end  of  1992) there appeared a real
        SNOOPDOS 1.7 update.  Delete all SnoopDos 1.6 releases and use only
        the V1.7 release. Please notice that the SNOOPDOS 1.7 is not crash-
        proof on a A4000 with Kickstart 3.X (SnoopDos 1.4 works fine !!!).

                            Detection and termination tested on 24.10.1992.

        Test by Markus Schmall

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