Swiftware 0.98 Virus:

        A very special kind of virus. It is copying the sysoppassword  from 
        an AmiExpress BBS system into a little file, which can only be read
        if you enter the system with 300  baud (NOCALLERSAT300). Nearly all
        users  have  at least 2400 baud(in most cases this is too slow  for
        the BBS and  you get no access) and so nearly nobody reads it.  The
        hacker  just  have to  call the BBS with 300 baud and he  gets  the
        sysop password.

        I heard that  all this   programms(the virus)  was  created by  one
        coder in the south of GERMANY, who runs a big BBS but I cannot give
        more detailed informations this time.

        Comment 19.04.93.:
        I spoke  with one of the  coders of the  viruses and  he
        said that the virus is now avaible in version 16.00 .The last virus
        I recieved was version V11.0. He told me that more than 70 infected
        file exist.Lots of work to do for us...

        Many $4eb9 files are trojan horses. The coder of this  viruses  (or
        his friend=an  Assembler expert) use  very  often a special linker,
        which creates such files.

        Test by Markus Schmall

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