Infected WhiteBox BBS Virus:

        This virus is very similar to the virus linked behind Diskrepair.
        The viruscode is more optimized and it will be searched for  some
        more  filelengths.The  used linker is the  $4eb9 linker.Who  does
        have such a linker ?

        If  a Sysop with the AmiExpress system finds such a virus  please
        reinstall the AmiExpress mainfile.

                         Detection tested on 06.06.1993.

        The "Whitebox" and the "Diskrepair" viruses does only work  with
        some versions of AmiExpress(ca.5 releases).I do not think that
        they touch AmiExpress 3.03 or AmiExpress 3.04. If you`ve a list
        with lengths of all the AmiExpress releases then please let me
        know it.

        Test by Markus Schmall

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