BootX Recoqfile Updater Fake Virus:

        Filelength: 2052

        This file appeared on an american BBS system and was
        spreaded as BootX updater. This is a trojan horse containing
        only a formatterroutine. I think the purpose of this programm
        is to damage the reputation of SHI@.

        The virus opens a window with the following text:

        'RAW:0/0/640/200/BootX-Updater by SHI Safe'      
        'Hex International, Erik Loevendahl Soerensen'
        'This program updates the BootX-Recognition-'
        'Files, so BootX will know 87 new'
        'viruses. Sometimes the update-procedure fails'
        ' and your (hard)disk will be'
        'quick-formatted, but this is not a big bug'
        ', simply use an undelete-tool like'
        'quaterback-tools or disksalv. But mostly'
        ' updating works fine and the result'
        'is a new powerful BootX-Version! Even '
        'better, some people think of the'
        'quick-formatting-bug as a great feature, '
        'because by quick-formatting all'
        'viruses get destroyed, so everybody should'
        ' use BootX-Updater!!'
        'You can become a member of the famous SHI-'
        'organization, if you supply SHI'
        'with at least one virus per month. Self-'
        '-programming of viruses is very'
        'welcome, by this way we will learn about'
        ' future virus-techniques and we'
        'can control anything, both viruses and '
        'antiviruses. It is absolutely legal'
        'to program viruses, because SHI doesn't '
        'spread these viruses.'
        'Only programmers of antivirusprograms can'
        ' get these new viruses from SHI,'
        'Either by exchanging viruses or by paying'
        ' 5$ for each 1 KB Virus. I think'
        'this is a fair price for all the idealistic'
        ' work, SHI is doing. So if you are'
        ' able to supply us with at least one new'
        ' virus per month, join SHI'
        '                      SHI     Safe Hex '
        'Erik Loevendahl Soerensen (also known as '
        'the master of the virus-universe',27,')'
        '            Snaphanevej 10, 4720 Praestoe'
        ' Denmark - Europe'
        'sys:system/format  ......         '           

        Test by Markus Schmall           Detection tested 30.12.1993.

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