Translated text from VT-Knows by Heiner Schneegold

     - NANO    File-virus     Length: 1484 bytes       KS2.04: Yes
          Always  at  $7C000 in memory.  Cool $7C0DE, OldOpenLib $7C1CC and
          SumKickData $7C3B2.
          Basically  the  Compuphagozyte-family  enlarged  with  two output
          routines. Writes to the first line of the startup-sequence:
                  $A0A0A0A0A0A0," ",$0A
          Writes  itself  as  invisible ($A0A0A0A0A0A0) program in the root
          In  the test the virus-program had some difficulty in writing the
          correct  length  of the startup-sequence back.  You have to count
          on    missing    the    startup-sequence.    What's   more,   the
          startup-sequence  will  always  be  infected  again  (see  below)
          without  testing  if  it  has already been infected.  A typical
          beginners attempt.
           a0a0a0a0 a0a0200a a0a0a0a0 a0a0200a        .       .
           a0a0a0a0 a0a0200a a0a0a0a0 a0a0200a        .       .
           a0a0a0a0 a0a0200a 636c730a 0a020000        .cls.....
          There are two counters:
               a) Output of the german colors
               b) DisplayAlert:
                         ... another masterpiece by  N A N O  !!!
             GREETINGS TO:
             Byte Bandit, Byte Warrior, DEF JAM, DiskDoktors
             FANTASY, Foundation For The Extermination Of Lamers,
             I.R.Q. Team, Obelisk Softworks Crew, S.C.A., UNIT A ...
          VT recognizes and deletes: 31.03.93
          Please remember to change the startup-sequence !!!

      Translated by Torben Danoe

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