Compuphazygote 2 & VirusZ_II 1.02 Viruses:

        Filelength: 1148 bytes

        Damage: On every inserted disk (via ICDMP flag) will be the new
        file  "c:VirusZ"  or  "c:virusx"  with  a  length of 1148 bytes
        written. The virus waits for the diskinserted flag and for  the
        closewindow flag. At the bottom of the file there somekind of
        hardware read/write code, which will be only accessed if the
        files could not be opened correctly.

        Simply copy the viruskillers back to c:

        Text, which can be read at the end of the VirusZ II 1.02 virus:

        'This is a new Utility for your amiga computer ! '
        'It gives you safety to all new virii in future!'
        'No vectors can changed anymore so your computer'
        'is safe ! ! ! '
        'VirusZ II 1.02 Georg Hörmann',0

        Text, which  can  be  read  at the  end of the Compuphazygote 2

        'The CompuPhagozyte has attached to your '
        'system !'
        'Wait for  new virus in other computer-systems'
        'The CompuPhagozyte in 9.91 by The Emperor'
        ' Of Trillion  Bytes !'
        'VirusX 5.00 by Steve Tibbett'

                                        Detection tested (VirusZ Virus)
        Test by Markus Schmall                                                    26.12.1993.

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