Name            : COMPUPHagozyte 4

        Aliases         : No aliases

        Type/Size       : Filevirus/Trojan, 916/952 bytes

        Discovered      : 04-09-92

        Way to infect   : Writes an invisible file to root-directory

        Rating          : Pretty harmless

        Kickstarts      : ONLY KS 1.2

        Damage          : Only DF0:

        Manifestiation  : See below

        Removal         : Use a good virus-killer.

        General comments: Note: NO spreading. Note: At Kickstart 2.04,
                          it causes the computer to reset in some time,
                          when reset. It overwrites the four first bytes
                          of startup-sequence, and if any program with
                          a name longer than 4 bytes were present, an
                          error code is generated due to some strange


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