Compuphazygote 7 LinkVirus:

        Several vectors will be changed. I got an infected echo file,
        which was not executable and the hunkstructure was totally

        I tested this virus against VT 2.62 and it proofed my analysis:
        - Hunkstruktur defect !

        I wrote a repairroutine for this virus but I cannot say, that
        this is a 100% proof  one. I could  only  test  it  on  a not
        repairable and executable file. So, if you have this virus,
        please send me a copy, so that I can check my routines.

        An infected file becomes 1760 bytes longer (at least I hope
        this !).

        Test by Markus Schmall              Detection tested on 07.07.1993.

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