Compuphazygote 8 Virus:

        This virus contains many parts of the NANO virus (or should I better
        say  that the NANO viruses contain big parts from the Compuphazygote

        Exactly the same vectors are changed and  the whole structure  looks
        very familiar.

        The Compuphazygote virus tries to trick out the user with this  text
        at the top of the file:

        `     :AmigaDOS Datafile @ 1988 by CBM.This file contains important`
        `     disk data for Block Allocation ! `

        `     >>> WARNING:  Deletion  of this file  could  destroy all disk`
        `     datas !!! <<<`

        This is pure bullshit.

        Test by Markus Schmall              Detection tested on 07.07.1993.

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