ConMan Dir Virus Installer:

        Filelength: 20980 (packed with TurboSqueeze 6.1) bytes
                    24340 (unpacked) bytes.

        This is the installer for the ConMan Dir virus. At the start
        it checks for the taskname "CONMAN-Virus". If this name is
        existing, the virus will be not activated. The virus was
        linked using the 4eb9 linker to an USR modemsetter. After
        this progress, the virus was packed with the Turbo-
        Squeeze 6.1 packer, which was used at the Dir Virus, too.

        If you depack the file (using Xfdmaster Library, Decrunch
        Library does not recognize it), you can read the "normal"
        texts like "Snoopdos" or "dos.library".

        The above mentioned CONMAN-Virus task will be not installed
        by the installer. I think, that it`s somekind of selfprotection.

        The installer crashes on 68040 machines with activated caches.

        Test by Markus Schmall              Detection tested 10.04.1994.

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