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    ConMan Virus:

    This is a trojan horse against the AmiExpress mailbox system.
    It tries to work with the User Files from the /X System,  but
    it`s so lame coded, that it has several problems with it.

    This virus probably appears as the ARTM2.3 fake Virus because
    the virus is linked at ARTM.

    The viruses uses memory at $4f000 to decode a  little  string
    saying: "CONMAN/HACKMASTER/93/TROJAN-Virus".

    The whole virus looks like a work from a  beginner, who  once
    read an article about /X ! Better play with your joystick !

    The virus does not work on an AMIGA with MC68000 processors,
    because the virus decodes a string at a nonequal adress!

    Other possible name: ARTM BBS Virus
    Comment 19.12.1993.: Today I got the message  on  Diabolo  to
    take care of my pws, because ConMan tried  to hack  mailboxes
    in the last days. It seems to be an active hacker ....

    Test by Markus Schmall             Detection tested 6.12.1993.


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