Hello everybody...

 Warning ! The file lzx130.lha with the File ID:

 LZX Version 1.30 (Evaluation) Jun 5, 1995

 and the following files:

 LZX_68040                  65384 ----rwed Gestern    07:55:44
 LZX_68020                  64896 ----rwed Gestern    07:55:34
 LZX_68000EC                67680 ----rwed Gestern    07:55:20

 contains a COP trojan ! Don`t start it, it will trash your HD !
 It tries to fuck up the following dirs:


 All files will be overwritten with the following text and NO rescue is

                             =CIRCLE OF POcER=
                 [ THE RETURN OF THE POcER PEOPLE! PHEAR US! ]

 The destruction routine is the same as in the last one and does not
 seem to be from a prof. coder.



 P.S.: A special thanks must go to APOLLO/PDX for the warning. He started
 this one...

 Please support me with possible name of the first BBSs, where this viruses
 appear. Some persons here want to start a little "discussion"....

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