Creeping Eel Installer:

        Filelength: 3212 bytes

        This programm is a patched TYPE command. The utility HUNKLAB
        was used to link the virus to the file. The BB virus will be
        installed in memory using a special  installer, which  needs
        32 Bit FAstRam. This installer is comparable to the code  in
        the MUiGuru and Enforcer 3760 viruses.

        The  version  information  was  changed and the file will be
        probably  spreaded  as TYPE 42.x. At  this  time I  recieved
        the  virus  (05.06.1994), there  is , as far as  I  know, no
        Workbench V42 avaible !

        Test by Markus Schmall          Detection tested 05.06.1994.

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