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     Damage Trojan
     - DAMAGE Trojan (destruction)
          Well-known archive names: lzx12reg.lha
          No bent vectors
          Not reset-proof
          Two files are extracted:
             lzx.reg 8264 bytes
                (a packed format command)
             lzx 67,196 bytes
          The file reads:
                                           6d7b m {
            792f7366 68216573 6a776621 6569313b y / sfh! Esjwf! Ei1;
            216f626e 66214542 4e424846! Obnf! EBNBHF
          If you work with -1, you get:
            lzx.reg drive dh0: name DAMAGE
          So dh0 should be formatted.

     Org text by Heiner Schneegold
     Translated from german to english with Google Translate


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