Decompiler Virus:

        Written in AMOS

        Filelength: 53990 bytes unpacked

        This is a typical trojan probably spreaded as an AMOS
        utility, which should be able to make a selfwritten
        programm autobootable.

        If you start the programm, sometimes it will appear a black
        screen with red letters on it. If you then press the return
        key, the directories "libs", "devs" and "fonts" will be
        renamed. All directories will be renamed to their original
        name plus an empty char.

        If VirusWorkshop has detected this virus, please check your
        disks for a renamed directory or so...

                                Detection testet 18.08.1994.

        Comment 11.12.94.: Two viruskillers recognize a lot of normal
        AMOS files as Decompiler infected. I hope this will be fixed
        at one of the following updates, but I am not sure about it.

        Test by Markus Schmall

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