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===== Computer Virus Catalog 1.2: DISK DOKTORS Virus (5-June-1990) ====
Entry...............: DISK DOKTORS Virus
Alias(es)...........: CRACKRIGHT Virus
Virus Strain........: --
Virus detected when.: February 1989
              where.: Elmshorn, FRG
Classification......: system virus (bootblock), resident
Length of Virus.....: 1. length on storage medium: 1024 byte
                      2. length in RAM           : 1024 byte
--------------------- Preconditions -----------------------------------
Operating System(s).: AMIGA-DOS
Version/Release.....: 1.2/33.180
Computer model(s)...: AMIGA 500, AMIGA 1000, AMIGA 2000A, AMIGA 2000B
--------------------- Attributes --------------------------------------
Easy Identification.: typical text: '(C)rackright by Disk-Doktors'
                      others: free memory shown on the workbench changes
                         every time a new unprotected disk is inserted
                         into any disk drive
Type of infection...: self-identification method: compares word at
                         dress set in cold capture vector plus offset
                         of 20 decimal for matching value hex. $424D
                      system infection: RAM resident, reset resident,
Infection Trigger...: reset (CONTROL + Left-AMIGA + RIGHT-AMIGA)
                      operation: any disk access
Storage media affected: floppy disks (3.5" and 5.25")
Interrupts hooked...: ---
Damage..............: permanent damage: overwriting bootblock,
                         formatting disk after 2000 infections from
                         track 40 (root directory) for 35 tracks;
                         causing a system reset after 2000 infections
                         and 30 minutes
                      transient damage: ---
Damage Trigger......: permanent damage: overwriting bootblock: reset
                         operation: any disk access formatting disks:
                         after 2000 infections every 5th disk will be
                         formatted from track 40 (root directory) for
                         35 tracks, causing a system reset: after 2000
                         infections and 30 minutes
                      transient damage: ---
Particularities.....: uses DoIOVector
                         a resident program using ColdCapture or
                         CoolCapture vector is shut down;
                         WarmCaptureVector is cleared;
                         virus opens a task named 'clipboard.device',
                         normally a system device used by some
                         programs to cut or paste text or graphic parts,
                         so task list facility shows a task list, which
                         seems to be normal, this task manages the copy
                         of the virus to another location in system
                         after every infection; the task slows down the
                         AMIGA, after the 5th reset the virus wastes
                         (number of resets *10 KB) of memory;
                         virus shuts down itself by moving the joystick
                         in port 1 up or down and booting an infected
                         disk with an uninfected system;
                         when the virus starts, interrupts are dis-
                         abled, using the inactivation facility via
                         joystick up or down (port 2) causes the virus
                         to exit without enabling the system interrupts,
                         so the system interrupt enable counter isn't
Similarities........: ---
--------------------- Agents ------------------------------------------
Countermeasures.....: Names of tested products of Category 1-6:
                      Category 1: .2 Monitoring System Vectors:
                                     'CHECKVECTORS 1.6'
                                  .3 Monitoring System Areas:
                                     'CHECKVECTORS 2.2','GUARDIAN 1.2',
                                     'VIRUSX 3.20'
                      Category 2: Alteration Detection: ---
                      Category 3: Eradication: 'CHECKVECTORS 2.2',
                                     'VIEWBOOT 1.01', 'VIRUSX 4.0'
                      Category 4: Vaccine: ---
                      Category 5: Hardware Methods: ---
                      Category 6: Cryptographic Methods: ---
Countermeasures successful: with restrictions: 'CHECKVECTORS 2.2',
                                      'GUARDIAN 1.2'
Standard means......: with restrictions:
                       'CHECKVECTORS 2.2' (restoring bootblock)
                       'GUARDIAN 1.2'     (restoring bootblock)
--------------------- Acknowledgement ---------------------------------
Location............: Virus Test Center, University Hamburg, FRG
Classification by...: Wolfram Schmidt
Documentation by....: Alfred Manthey Rojas
Date................: 5-June-1990
Information Source..: ---
===================== End of DISK DOKTORS Virus =======================

Antivirus removal...: Kickstart 1.2 & 1.3 : VT-Schutz v3.17
                      Kickstart all others: VirusZ III with Xvs.library installed

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