Disktroyer V2 virus:

        This is not a virus.It`s only a file,which has  the job to kill  the
        information  on  your  drives. The diskregisters ($bfdxxx)  will  be
        directly used.

        The routine does not work  correct on AMIGAs with higher  processors
        because of some timing problems.

        Some parts of the resourced code:

        L_1EC   MOVE.W        #$0800,D0
                BRA.B        L_1F4
        L_1F2   MOVEQ        #-1,D0
        L_1F4   NOP
                DBRA        D0,L_1F4                ;Some kind of waitloop

        Test by Markus Schmall.              Detection tested on 6.7.1993.

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