DMS 2.13 Trojan (HD Formatter):

        Length: 94220 bytes unpacked

        This file was spreaded as new 2.13 update from DMS.

        The file_id.diz file looks like this:

        | GET THE REAL THING !! DMS 2.13 UNREG ! |
        |   FILE_ID FIXED FOR A4000/040 NO GURU  |
        |     AROUND! , FIXED BY BONESTARR/LSD   |

        But there is nothing new in this version, but a hdformatter
        was implented in the code. The virus will be activated first
        and tries to format the DH0 device using the normal FORMAT

        'format drive dh0: name FuCKoFF ffs quick'

        At the end of the DMS programm, you can read thw following

            '     SCeNE iS LaME - SiGNeD By RoADSTaRR/LsD'

        At the spreading date of this virus (it`s dated 01-06-1994)
        there was DMS 2.03 actual and DMS 2.04 was released at this

        Nothing more to say about this VERY lame virus !

        Eine echte technische Meisterleistung ! Hoert auf mit dem
        Mist und spielt lieber mit dem Joystick !!!

        Test by Markus Schmall        Detection tested 14.06.1994.

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