DumIIDum Bootblockvirus:

        Uses blocks 0-5 and works with Kickstart 3.0 and 2.04. The
        virusmaincode is located in block 2 and 3. The first  both
        blocks  only  contain  a simple loaderroutine (trackdisk).

        All data in the blocks 2-5  will  be  destoyed  (sorry  no
        rescue possible). If a file was in this blocks, it  cannot
        be used anymore.

        Changed vectors:

                          Cool, Doio, DosRead, DosOpen, DosWrite.

        If a counter reached $50, a destroyroutine will be started
        and e.g. the rootblock will be changed.

        In the 4.virusblock you can read 2 time "dos.library"  and

        The  virus  will  be  installed  $1800  bytes  under  the
        maxlocmem area !

                                   Detection tested on 19.12.1993.

        Special thanks must go to Ingo Schmidt for supporting this

        Test by Markus Schmall

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