Fileghost Virus Installers I+II:

        Filelength: 8160 Bytes (first one)
                    8116 Bytes (second one)

        This file claims to be a speedup system for loading files. In
        the text it`s said that the LOADSEG und NEWLOADSEG vectors will
        be changed. Yes, that`s true, but only the virus will be installed
        and nothing else.

        Quite intelligent.

        The file which was in my archiv, is not startable, because the file
        was changed by 1 byte.

        ' find DH0:C/SETPATCH!'
        ' Can`t load Setpatch.Maybe read-protected'
        'HardSpeeder  by Christian Neumann.'
        'Patch installed....'
        'This Utility was written for HardDisk-'
        'Especially for Sysops.'
        'The HardSpeeder installs a Patch in the'
        'LoadSeg and NewLoadSeg - Vektor.'
        'After the installation it will load ALL P'
        'rograms faster than usually.'
        'HardSpeeder needs SETPATCH installed '
        'in DH0:C !!!'
        ' by Christian Neumann (Public Domain - '
        'USE IT!!)'

        Both installers activate the same virus. Nothing has changed !
        After the file "dh0:c/setpatch" was found, the virus will be

        Differences between the first and the second installer: The
        second installer crashes at WB start, due to missing startup.

        Both installers try to install the Fileghost 1 virus !

                                        Detection tested 28.12.1993.

                                        Detection retested for the new
                                        installer 08.07.1994.

        Test by Markus Schmall...

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