G-Zus Packer Bomb:

        Filelength: 15016 bytes (unpacked)

        This is a trojan, which claims to be a packer with fantastic
        packrates. If you start the packer, the following will

        df0:g-zus df0:Copy        (Copy=5188 bytes long)

        Creating  df0:Copy.god  (Copy.god=36 bytes long)
        Deleting  df0:Copy

        The new created file with the extension "god" is always 36
        bytes long and contains the following:


        So don`t use this programm.

        Here a shortcut from the document:

---------------------------------------------------------------------- The
G-Zus compactor/decompactor: v0.01
   Public release: May 9, 1993.
         Function: Compress and decompress any file VERY efficiently.
         Comments: clemj00@dmi.usherb.ca
---------------------------------------------------------------------- G-Zus:
Copyright 1993
---------------------------------------------------------------------- This is
freely redistributable, so, you can distribute it!.

Here are some typical compression example you can attain with G-zus:

Flex.lzh                  251123 ----rwed 15-Apr-93 23:11:33
FoCo.lzh                   30887 ----rwed 17-Jan-93 12:05:43
gadlayout-1.5.lha          41401 ----rwed 08-Apr-93 13:29:53
Flex.god                      30 ----rwed Today     10:01:35
FoCo.god                     -17 ----rwed Today     10:05:12
gadlayout-1.5.god            -22 ----rwed Today     10:10:55


Test by Markus Schmall                 Detection tested on 09.04.1994.

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