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     HappyNewYear Type C Installer
     - HappyNewY.96 Inst. Installer
          Type C
          Note 97-08-31:
          A new file has appeared.
       File name:
          - Mui_Patch length: 2696 bytes
          After readme: Patch MUI 020+ version ...
          The following can be read decoded:
             62726172 79003c3e 20754e48 61505059 brary. <> UNHaPPY
             204e6561 52204e65 57205965 61522053 NeaR NeW YeaR S
             754d4d65 52202739 37203c3e 00228d58 umMeR '97 <>. ". X
          Contrary to the text, it is not HNY97, but
          an UNUSABLE HNY96 clone because LoadSeg is bent.
          To prevent detection with old antivirus routines,
          the programmer changed a few bytes.
          His bad luck - our luck
          Every LoadSeg call ALWAYS leads to the GURU. What a deletion of
          2 bytes (do) so everything matters.
          VT only offers deletions.

     Original test by Heiner Schneegold
     Translated from german to english by Google translate


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