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 - HD-SPEEDUP-Install File

  Size packed: 6376 bytes
  Size unpacked: 6252 bytes
  NO hidden vectors
  The file can NOT REPRODUCE itselfe.
  According to the doc. it should be an HD-Speeder.

  In the unpacked file you can read:
            00007379 733a732f 73746172 7475702d ..sys:s/startup-
            73657175 656e6365 00007379 733a732f sequence..sys:s/
            48647370 65656475 702e7072 65667300 Hdspeedup.prefs.
            7379733a 732f7761 69740000 7379733a sys:s/wait..sys:
            732f4864 73706565 6475702e 70726566 s/Hdspeedup.pref
            7320233f 2f233f0a 7379733a 732f7761 s #?/#?.sys:s/wa
            69742031 3030300a 000003f3 00000000 it 1000.........
            756d6265 720a0000 000003f2 434f4e3a umber.......CON:
            302f302f 3634302f 3130302f 48442053 0/0/640/100/HD S
            50454544 55502056 312e3000 00000000 PEEDUP V1.0.....

  How it works:
   The File contains 2 files. They are copied to sys:s.
   - wait (unpacked) a command that is also present in  the C Folder
   - Hdspeedup.prefs packed: 4192 unpacked: 6124
     a command that is under the name delete also present in the C Folder.
   The startup-sequence will be rewritten. The size appears to be always
   #44 bytes. Content:
    sys:s/Hdspeedup.prefs #?/#?
    sys:s/wait 1000

   The original startup will be lost. Please consider to backup your
   According to the doc. you should reset your machine after installing it.
   the startup-sequence would then perform a full systemdelete.

  If VT detects this part:
  - please delete also: sys:s/wait

  Translated to English by Frank Cieslewicz © 2001 VHT-Denmark
  Org. Test by Heiner Schneegold.


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