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     - HD_Install Fake Trojan
       Other name: BioMechanic
       Name formerly at VT: IconD
       Name: Biomechanics. It's understandable, since for some (not in all) variants in the cli
       or on HD is issued. No propagation
       Written in Amiga-E
       Destruction: The files are NOT shortened, but at least
       five bytes of the IM file are changed. Please NO equation
       with COP. COP variants shorten files and write a Text in !!!!!!!!!
       Group formation:
       The files were saved up to the beginning of the 3E9 Trojan
       shortens. Files with approximately THE SAME Trojan code length (exception:
       Jump instructions and garbage between the Prg parts and SAMe
       5-byte change sequence assigned to a type.

       Test by Heiner Schneegold
       Translated with Google Translate


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