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 Hitch-Hiker v2.01 Dropper

 Hi All !!!

 After many  month, and we  have been  looking for this archive all over the
 world, we finally got it. Thanx to John.

 Well if you belive this archive, it is said to remove the Hitch Hiker virus
 but what it does is,  that it will install the Hitch Hiker v2.11 link-virus
 in your system.

 Okay here is a little test of it:

 ------------------------------- INFO START --------------------------------

 Archive name.....: kilhitch.lha (or lzx)
 Archive size.....: 7765 bytes (ripped for BBS adds)
 Infected File....: removehitcher/KillHitcher
 Infected size....: 3000 bytes.
 File id.Diz......: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                    !!  Have you got probs. with the HitchHiker!
                    !! virus? It's a link-vir that can corrupt !
                    !! your archives....brand new and not kill-!
                    !! able with VirusZ or VWS or VT or any    !
                    !! other killer.. Except this one..Brought !
                    !! to you by Blister/PP and MAX/PP         !
                    !! Download and be happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 ------------------------------- INFO END ----------------------------------

 Thanx to John for mailing us this archive.

 __  ///       Jan Andersen
 \\\///       --------------

Virum Help Team
Denmark & Canada
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