- INTEL.Gag    delete immediately   size: 3384 bytes

     No hidden Vectors, no reproductionroutine

     In the file you can read noncoded:
           54482f53 00245645 523a206c 6f616477 TH/S.$VER: loadw
           62203337 2e312028 31362e31 2e393129 b 37.1 (16.1.91)
           0a0d0000 776f726b 62656e63 682e6c69 ....workbench.li

     In dependence to $DFF006 either the loadwb command is executed
     or it is tried to display a graphic (blue back with light text).
     I haven`t seen a CLEAR graphic on ANY machine.
     You can not work on after this. VT offers deletion.
     Please copy back the original loadwb command  to C folder.

 Translated to English by Frank Cieslewicz  2001 VHT-Denmark
 Org. Test by Heiner Schneegold.

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