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     IOZ (512 bytes) Link Virus 

     - IOZ virus link virus
         Reason for the name: nothing else found
         File extension: #512 bytes
         Not reset proof
         From KS2.04
         Bent Vectors: LoadSeg

         Storage anchor:
            - Loadseg is bent

         Link process:
            - with LoadSeg behind the 1st hunk
            - Filename does not contain "V", "-" or "l"
            - Medium validated
            - 4 blocks free
            - File larger than #2048 bytes
            - File smaller than #16384 bytes
            - $3E9 is found
            - Search for RTS with $3F loop back from hunk end.
              If RTS is right at the end, then NOP, otherwise BRA xy

     Removal: VirusZ III with Xvs.library installed

     Test by Heiner Schneegold 


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