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     Hi All....                                               30 april 2020

     An new trojan has been found. It was shortly on Aminet,  but have been
     removed now, by the admins.
     Origin of the archive: Republic of Serbia
     The trojan will install a bootblock virus, where you can read this:
     Here is some info about the trojan:
     Trojan name... : Jackal dropper
     Trojan file... : vprot10
     Trojan size... : 1884 bytes (packed with CrunchMania)
                    : 2284 bytes (unpacked)
     Trojan archive : vprot.lha
     Archive size.. : 4.322 bytes
     Archive info.. : * Small utility that stays in background and detects
                        any change on resident memory vectors. Very easy to
                        use. Just put VPROTECT in your startup-sequence file
                      * Doesn't work from Workbench.
                      * TIP: if you click both mouse buttons on VPROTECT
                        window it will scan resident memory vectors again. 
                        If nothing happends memory is ok.
                      * Not tested on KS higher than 1.3
                                                               Jxxxx Jxxxxxx

     The programs install a new bootblock virus that we have named 'Jackal'.
     You can  read Virus  Help Team's test  of the 'Jackal'  bootblock virus
     right here.
     When I was testing the bootblock virus.  Under Kickstart  2.0  and 3.1,
     after  I  rebootet  with  the  virus  in memory  and  booted  from  the
     floppydisk, I did get Checksum errors on the both floppy disk. If it is
     the virus, I'm not sure, but I tried it twice and got same error.

     Thanks to CrashDisk for informing us about this trojan.

     Removal: VirusZ III v1.04ß or higher, and also Xvs.library v33.47 or higher

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     HEX of VProtect v1.0 trojan:


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