Jinx Bootblockvirus:

        Patches Kickchecksum,KickTagPointer,KickSumData,TD BeginIO,
        Exec VBI.

        Works with Kickstart 2.0

        This is a very tricky bootblockvirus, which looks for me like
        a Lamer Exterminator virus but more tricky (Hi Soenke).

        VirusWorkshop can remove ALL changed vectors and your  system
        should work again.

        If the bootblockvirus is on your disk and you boot with this
        writeprotected disc, a  requester appears, which  says, that
        your the disc is a non DOS disc. If you  remove  the  write-
        protection everything is allright again.

        The read access will be patched  and the  bootcode  will  be
        hidden. Little bug: Even  if  you  read  the  directory  via
        TD device, the original bootblock will be shown.

        The bootblock will be crypted randomly and in the end of the
        decoded bootblock you can see the text:


                                        Detection tested on 24.2.1994.

        Test by Markus Schmall

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