- LAMER-$394-BB-Virus
      Clone: STARCOM 4 see below
         Recognition ABCD at $396
         EOR-Byte at $394    ($45fa0350)
         Fastmem: yes, BegioIO, KickTag, KickCheckSum and SumKickData
         Propagation: using BB
         Damage: overwrites a block with85 x LAMER! and because 2 bytes
         are left, followed with !! . The blocknumber will be chosen
         using $dff006.
         Memory for the virus will be fetched using SysStkLower.
         Also in prg. are Remove Node, test for Cool and Cold.
         decodes in memory using:
                EOR.B D0,(A0)+
         Readable in the BB decoded:

           20fc4c41 4d4530fc 522151c8 fff430bc  .LAME0.R!Q...0.
           2121137c                            !!.|
                             74726163 6b646973         trackdis
           6b2e6465 76696365 00546865 204c414d k.device.The LAM
           45522045 78746572 6d696e61 746f7220 ER Exterminator
           21212100 b100abcd                   !!!.....

   Translated to English by Dennis Boon  2001 VHT-Denmark
   Org. Test by Heiner Schneegold.

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