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    - Lamer Exterminator file: 2260 bytes (number is correct)
                     unpacked: 1824 bytes

       KS2.04: Yes
       Bent vectors: see above

       In addition to installing Lameralt.BB in memory, it also runs the
       endcli command (KS1.3). Change compared to the original command:
       process becomes task, 2 values $52 become $51

       ONLY possible as a Lameralt boot block, NOT as a link file !!!!
       Since everyone has the endcli command in c (KS2.04 no longer), there
       it in FileTest only deletion offer. After that please from OrigWB endcli
       copy again after c.

       Removal: VirusZ III with Xvs.library installed

     Test by Heiner Schneegold


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