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     Lazarus - NOT a virus

     Lazarus is NOT a virus or a trojan, as people think or believe.
     In the first  Amiga OS releases,  Commodore included a standard  floppy  disk recovery
     utility  called 'DiskDoctor.' It's purpose  was to recover files from  mangled  floppy
     disks. Unfortunately, this  utility worked only with AmigaDOS  standard disks. A major
     fault was that it did not save the recovered data on  different disks, rather it saved
     the info on the original and  performed it's operations directly  on the original.  It
     wrote on original disks and destroyed non-AmigaDOS disks (mainly autobooting games) by
     overwriting their bootblock. 'DiskDoctor' renamed recovered disks to 'Lazarus'.

     These features were undocumented and led to an Amiga users believeing that there was a
     computer virus with the name 'Lazarus' Virus,  whose final purpose  was to make  disks
     unreadable  and renaming  it  with  that name. Third-party  developers  released  data
     recovery programs  such  as  DiskSalv,  which  was  more often  used to validate Amiga
     filesystems on hard disk partitions. 

     You should delete 'DiskDoctor' from your disk and never use it again.
     Try and use DiskSalv instead


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