Liberator Virus V5.01:

        Filelength: 16924 unpacked
        Clones: Lamerfry1.3b

        This virus is quity tricky. It copies the file c/run and
        renames it. It adds to the shell startup the commands:

        ';liberatorV - controlling me!'
        'alias copy delete'
        'alias delete "echo *"No file to delete, cant find*""'

        If you have once started once such a modified shell, then
        quickly load an editor and remove the three lines. Then
        reset and it should work correct again.

        The startup-sequence will be directly changed so, so that
        the virus  will be activated every time.

        If you start the virus, the following message will appear
        on the window:

        PV(Protect Vectors) v1.02 by Peter Stuer',0
        'July 22, 1992 FREEWARE'

        'Reset vectors ok, Nothing resident, Trackdisk.'
        'device not intercepted, '
        'DoIO ok, VBlank ok, low interrupts ok, '
        'dos.library not intercepted.',0

        'monitoring vectors...'
        'Fully Kickstartv2.xx compatible, stops all'
        ' viruses, checks disk-validators,',0
        'Use run to push this program into the '

        This message is only to cheat the user, Peter Stuer has
        never written this programm.

        In the virus you can read the names from other viruskillers,
        look here:

        'ZeroVirus III'

        (Don`t know, what it`s really for.)

        The virus installs a .fastdir file, which contains some
        kind of timer. If a special value was reached,then the
        following text will be printed to screen:

        '    Congratulations this disk has been liberated'
                      ' of virus protection!!'
        '          Hello from the Liberator virus'
                    ' v5.01 - Random Disaster'
              'The anti-anti-virus is here again!'
                 'Lets play trash the hard disk'
        '             and ram the disk heads'
                '        The piracy curse'
                'Liberator V - The future is near.'
        'Look out for Liberator VI - The final nightmare ...'
                'coming soon from a lame swapper near you!'
        '           Respect to the virus masters                 
               Lamer Exterminator,crime & Contrast.'
            'And remember - be excellent to each other!'
                     'The liberator 27/07/92'
                     'Virus Generation : ',0

        Test By Markus Schmall.      Detection retested 16.07.1994.

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