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 Lisa Fuck Up v3.0

- LiSA 3.0 Trojan destruction

        other possible name: ScanEbola97
        No bent vectors
        Not reset-proof
        68040: Yes

        Known file names:
            - ScanEbola97 L: 7004 bytes

        After FileID: ScanEbola97: Scans your hard-drive for the
                     Ebola97 virus.
        In truth, ALL (!!!!) files on SYS: the first
        16 bytes changed.
        e.g. To you:
            before, afterwards:
        00: 000003f3 00000000 ........: 4c695341 20465543 LiSA FUC
        08: 00000001 00000000 ........: 4b555020 76332e30 KUP v3.0
        10: 00000000 00000353 ....... S: 00000000 00000353 ....... S
        18: 000003e9 00000353 ....... S: 000003e9 00000353 ....... S

        Since only a few bytes are changed, VT can try to
        to save feasible files. For data files (.info, lha etc.)
        is NOT (!!!!) rescue by VT possible.
        You have to decide for yourself whether the time is worth it.
        It took me two days for a 270MB Syquest.

        Please reinstall the Workbench first.
        Many files will be usable again. Then go
        Please with Sp-File-Sp and DirFTest subdirectory for
        Subdirectory by.

        For data files, VT replaces the "L" with ";"
        so "; iSA". Sometimes you can download such files (e.g. startup-
        sequence) by reworking with an editor.
        For icons etc., on the other hand, I have no solution.

        Original test by Heiner Schneegold
        Translated from german to english by Google translate

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