6661 Formatter Trojan:

        Filelength: 63140 bytes (unpacked)

        other possible names: WbPrefs-Formatter-Fake

        This is a simple trojan, which uses the Modemcheck (Fuck) virus
        formatroutines to destroy data on several devices. The trojan
        installs a new process with the name: amigalib.process. This
        process causes this terrible damages. Many tracks will be filled
        up with the longword "6661". No rescue for the data on this
        damaged tracks is possible.

        There must be an installer for this bastard hanging around !
        If you want to help us, then search for this. Thanks a lot.

        VirusWorkshop will remove this new process NOT ! It will fill it up
        with NOPs. This should be ok in this way...

        Test by Markus Schmall                 Detection tested 26.09.1994.

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