Mosh 1.0 Bootblock virus:
        (Caution: There are 2 viruses with the name Dr.Mosh in
        circulation, this are different ones!!!)

        Patched vectors: DOIO, KickTag, -$58(dos)

        Doio is alway pointing at $7f964 and the Kicktag pointer is
        also always pointing to $7fbde.

        This virus works only under Kickstart 2.0 and higher, caused
        by BCPL.

        This virus copies its code to $7f800 (without allocation) and
        overwrites the original bootblock. Caused by a missing checking
        routine for "trackdisk.." the virus is able to destroy to RDB
        of your HD, too. After 5 infections the sector 880 will be
        trashed (exactly this block). At normal DD disks, this is the
         location for the rootblock. As a result your disk is not
        useable anymore. Try to use DiskSalf etc. to recover your data.
        In the same process the block $2800/$200 will be trashed.
        A file, which is located in this block, is not repairable
        anymore. Sorry.

        Caution: Due to the missing memoryallocation, it can happen,
        that the patched DOIO routine will be overwritten and the
        system crashes.

        Example: VirusWorkshop crashed on an A500+ based on this

        The virus contains some texts at the end, which are crypted:

        'HEY !  I`M  MOSH version 1.0'
        'FIRST SILESIAN VIRUS'            <- other possible Name !?!
        'Written by the best M.G.F'
        'Go back]