NANo Virus + NANo ][ Virus:

        This virus copies itself with a not visible name at the  first  pos.
        of the Startup-Sequence (at least it tries to do this ).There  is  a
        little  Intuition  routine included, which shows you a  little  text
        with the greetings from the "hero",who created this simple virus.
        The other version of NANO shows a germanflag at the reset.

        The following vectors are changed:


        NANO filelenghts:  NANO1 = 1484
                           NANO2 = 1472

        The viruses does not work correctly on the A4000 with MC68040.

                                       Detection tested on 23.05.1993.
        Test by Markus Schmall                        & on 06.07.1993.

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