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                              24 June 2001

Hi All....

Today we recived a new virus, and it is very tricky. Jan Erik Olausen
the programmer of VirusExecutor & xvs.library, has decoded the virus,
but the decoded virus is crypted, and very hard to decode, but Jan is
working on  right now.  In other words, there is no problem to make a
recog for the virus, but very hard to make the removal right. As soon
as Jan has 'cracked' this virus,  a new update of xvs.library will be

At  this time the dropper (installer)  of the virus is unknown to us,
but we are looking for it.

If your system is  infected with this virus, a requester will pop up,
and you can read this in Polish:


And in English:
  "This information is just for telling you
   and warn you about extremelly
   dangerous virus!"

There is "NO" cure  for this virus right now.  This virus will infect
everything that is executed. And on my test A1200 over 500 files, was
infected in under 5 minutes. There is a tricky part with the virus in
memory, but we will try and fix the problem.....

Thnis is what we know of the virus:

Virus Type.... : Linkvirus
Virus name.... : Penetrator 2001
Virus size.... : 6796 bytes
Virus installer: unknown

If you know or find the installer od this virus, plaese let us know.

Thank to Mr. Duda sending the virus to us, and to Jan Erik Olausen
for the test of the virus.

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... Did you know, that the newest version of xvs.library is v33.26 !!

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